Welcome readers and thank you for visiting my website. It provides an easy guide for you to check out all my books, as well as reviews and information on how to download them. So, please feel free to browse. Before you do, you might enjoy reading a little background history.  

     No book of mine is ever finished. At the conclusion of writing a book, I have always had a hard time saying goodbye to the characters with whom I had lived for nearly a year and had grown to know and love. That any of my books made it to a publisher at all was due to my husband prying the manuscript from my fingers and refusing my pleas for just one more read through.

     I love history and am a romantic at heart. Thus, I enjoy writing historical romances and historic fiction. Although I published some of my books years ago, history and romance are timeless. My plots tend to be multilayered and the characters complicated with an infusion of psychology and mystery. I strive to make each story unique and unpredictable. But alas, there are only so many plots and so many different ways to say or describe something. I also strive for historical accuracy and do a great deal of research. Very important to me is that my books not insult the intelligence of my readers. After my second book, A Love Too Proud, was published I was advised to “dumb” down future books. That was not acceptable to me. It was not the type of book I wanted to write and feeling that I had no other options, I quit writing.

     I missed the art of creativity, however and, with the advent of a new concept called Publishing on Demand (POD)—not a vanity press—I saw another option and decided to write the Civil War novel I had always wanted to write—Destiny’s Shadow. The following year, I co-wrote Millionaires’ Row with my mother A.J. Billman, an award winning short story writer. The fictional story was inspired by the fascinating history of our hometown in north central Pennsylvania during the Golden Age of the lumber barons in the 1880’s. The book was featured by the local bookstore and did quite well.

     After publishing Millionaires’ Row, my focus was again diverted from writing by “life” and, with my first two books, The Homeward Heart and A Love Too Proud out of print, I considered my life as a writer over, my books a dim memory of the past. I hadn’t considered the power of the Internet.

     In 2011, my husband Googled my name and discovered, much to my shock, that my books could be found all over the Internet and that they had received five star ratings and favorable reviews. My husband suggested that I republish my books as eBooks. I took his advice and haven’t looked back.

     Did I say that my books are never finished? During the process of preparing my novels for the eBook publisher, I couldn’t resist revisiting them one more time in that quest for perfection, which I have come to realize is not attainable (so please forgive any editing errors). As a result, I have corrected and added historical details, expanded scenes, and tightened the writing for a higher level of enjoyment. I think readers of the revised eBook editions will be pleased. I recently discovered that A Love Too Proud is listed on Goodreads’ Listopia.


We begin to see that the completion of an important project has every right to be dignified by a natural grieving process. Something that required the best of you has ended. You will miss it. ----Anne Wilson Schaef 

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     The renewed interest in my books has encouraged me to pull out unfinished manuscripts for another look. And my mother and I, after receiving repeated requests for a sequel to Millionaires’ Row, wrote and published Millionaires’ Row: The Legacy in 2014. It was a labor of love and, to those readers who enjoyed the first book of the Douglas saga, I guarantee you that you will find the closure you requested.

     Responses to my books have been so gratifying that I have retired from working in my husband’s consulting/engineering firm to write full time. Soon, I will be releasing a new novel—The Paradox. See “My Books” on the website for more details.

     If you want to read more about my books, where and how they can be downloaded, and in what formats they are available, this website will answer all your questions. Use the navigation buttons at the top of the page or the small buttons below and enjoy the journey.