The Homeward Heart

“I really liked this book. She was so spirited and determined to make her own way in a man's world and he was my kind of sea Captain. As predictable as romance novels are, I couldn't put this book down. I gave it five stars.”--posted on Goodreads

“Like the author’s other historical romances, “The Homeward Heart” is very well written and well researched with careful attention to detail. The plot and subplots are so cleverly interwoven that nothing strains the imagination. The characters walk off the page, their behavior—good or bad—completely in keeping with the time period. The problem for the reader is the desire to keep reading while not wanting the story to end. I was sorry to turn the last page and end the adventure. Each time I read one of Keller’s books, I think it is the best one until I read the next one. I honestly can’t say which one I liked the most. They are all good, and I always learn some interesting historical facts I didn’t know before. Something to note--I read the Ebook versions, which I understand are expanded, reedited versions of the printed books, and I can only vouch for them.”--posted on Barnes and Noble

“This is the BEST BOOK I’ve read in a long time!!! I could not put it down and as a result stayed up till all hours finishing it”. -- posted on

“I would recommend The Homeward Heart to anyone interested and all in all, I found this book immensely interesting.”  -- posted on 

Destiny’s Shadow

“This exceptionally well written fiction surpasses the usual Civil War novel for passion and subterfuge. The virile hero and the vivacious heroine are my kind of characters. Plenty of subterfuge, intrigue, and passion to the very end. I highly recommend it.”  Five Stars!--posted on Amazon

“ANOTHER GREAT READ! I read the author's A Love Too Proud and loved it. I was skeptical that Destiny's Shadow could live up to expectations, but it didn't disappoint. If you are a Civil War enthusiast, this is a book for you. Once again the characters have depth and the repartee between the hero and heroine is smart, sexy and fun. I read on the author's website that she has re-edited and revised the e-pub version of her books, adding scenes and historical detail. I have read the e-pub version of both books and heartily recommend them. Looking forward to reading the rest of her books. FIVE STARS!”--posted on Barnes and Noble

“This book is astounding! It captivates by its sensuality and frankness of scenes. The manner of writing is amazing. The author deserves Bravo!  Advise it to everybody!--posted on discussion forum

A Love Too Proud

"Every time I read this novel I come across something new. It is an intriguing book between common sense and the law. It is always a battle of which will prevail. Callie is the most practical, stubborn, honest and never fails to speak her mind which can completely befuddle the other party because they think in a straight line and don't seem to recognize the many alternatives."

“This is a good book. It takes place in Colonial America, and as most romances you follow the twisted path of two people finding that they love each other.”

“Very good read!”--Cheryl P. posted on the internet.

“BRAVO! At last an author who can combine history and romance in an intelligent read. The characters are well drawn and the plot clever and unpredictable. This is not a formula book. A good read to the very end. Five Stars!”--posted on Barnes and Noble

“I like historic romance but the book has to be a cut above average. The book needs to teach me about something. It should make me think. Sex should be subtle, not trashy. It should show women at their best. I need to really like the lead male character. Kathy Keller's A Love Too Proud was great so I just recently read her Destiny's Shadow, also very good. I'm going to get her other ebooks. What I don't like is explicit porn. Sex is sexier if it is more subtle.”--posted on Reddit by ReallyCuteGirl

“Awesome love story.”  --Amazon Editorial Review

“Love it!  Five Stars”.  --Amazon Customer Review.

Millionaires’ Row

“MOVIE MATERIAL—I don’t know why it wasn’t made into a screenplay. It is a wonder epic novel. Five Stars!”--posted on Amazon

“Well worth it!  I live a few miles from Williamsport, PA (which is the city that this book is based on). I saw an ad in the local newspaper about the book and that the authors would be at the bookstore to sign copies of it. The book caught my attention and I was hooked by just reading the first couple of paragraphs. I haven't been able to put it down. Very well written in my opinion.”--posted on Amazon

“This book is excellent. A real page turner and unpredictable. I could not put it down!”--posted on Amazon

“The author hits the mark. I lived in Williamsport, Pa. most of my life. Although Rossburg, the town in 'Millionaires' Row' is mythical, I know the book was based on our city's rich and exciting history as the lumbering capital of the world in the 1870's. It is remarkably accurate in detail for an historical fiction and brings the history of our region to life. The authors developed great characters who were easy to like--or dislike! I finished the book wanting more and look forward to a future installment. The book was well written and on the order of 'Gone With the Wind'. For those who are tired of formula novels and want more mainstream historic fiction but with more developed romantic relationships, this is a good book. My husband read it and enjoyed it, too, so it's appeal is broad, and not all romance and heavy breathing. The co-author's website (Kathy Keller's site) says this is a mother and daughter writing team who grew up in my area so this confirms my suspicions that they have done research to support the historic details that make the book even more appealing. Well written and well edited. I keep looking for a book signing at an area B&N since I now live in Florida and so do the authors but haven't seen one. If I do, I'll definitely stop in and try to talk to them and have my copy signed. They should teach history this way. Maybe more people would pay attention!”--posted on Barnes and Noble

“GREAT READ!”--posted on Barnes and Noble

“I loved, loved, loved this book. The rich historical details and witty dialogue between characters was wonderful. I had trouble putting it down because I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. I just started reading another of Kathy Keller’s books, A Love Too Proud, and it’s just as good. If you like historical romance, this is the one to read!”--posted on Barnes and Noble

“FANTASTIC BOOK!!”--posted on Smashwords

Millionaires’ Row:  The Legacy

“FIVE STARS! Having thoroughly enjoyed the first book from the saga, I awaited the release of Millionaire's Row: The Legacy with much anticipation! The book progresses at a steady clip as family secrets, epic rivalries, and landmark historical events unfold. An intriguing tale set in a most exciting period of history”.--posted on Smashwords

“Five Stars!  I loved this book!”--posted on Goodreads

The Paradox

Five Stars. Very good read. I was disappointed when the book ended. How about a sequel?”--posted on Smashwords

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