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Kathy Keller, Novelist

     I am frequently asked two questions: (1) How did I decide to start writing books; (2) Where do I get my ideas for stories?

     I love history. I have aways had a fascination with how people lived in past centuries, particularly women. And, I am a romantic at heart. When the genre "historical romance" burst upon the literary scene thirty some years ago, I thought I was in heaven. I had a degree in journalism and enjoyed writing. So, after reading several of these books, I decided I could write one, too--in some cases a better one. It also gave me an excuse to spend hours reading about history. When my husband insisted that I learn to use our new Apple IIe computer, the journey began.  I'm a terrible typist and can spend hours on one paragraph trying to get it right, so if I had had to turn out my first manuscript on a typewriter, I would still be writing it.

     To get an idea for a book, I pick a time period and a location that intrigues me and that I want to know more about. As I investigate the practices and conventions of the time, I look for some little known historical facts to weave a story around.

     It takes me longer than the average writer to complete a novel, usually a year until I am satisfied enough to release it.  One reason why it takes me so long is because I cannot work from an outline. Each time I tried, I found that, as I began to know the characters more intimately, they insisted upon leading me down a path much different from the outline--always to a better story. Thus, I have learned to follow the lead of my characters.

     Giving birth to a novel is not easy. It is frustrating and can be agonizingly painful. Writer's block is a frequent companion. However, the feeling that I experienced when I saw my work published and enjoyed, made the labor pains dim in memory. Seeing The Homeward Heart in a bookstore in Hawaii; A Love Too Proud on a bookshelf in the Atlanta Airport; a bookstore window lined with Millionaires' Row in Williamsport, PA; and five star reviews on all four books--priceless.

     I would love to hear your comments on my books, and, if you read more than one, which you preferred. Contact me at Kathy@KathyKeller.com.

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